Flashdeals is a Kenya’s no. 1 e-commerce platform bringing revolution to online customer experience with the aim and vision to provide to provide quality,reliable and convenient products and services.

Our patented platform enables buyers to select whatever items they want and buy instantly online through our secure payment system.The item is then directly delivered to their home or can be picked up at any of near pick up stations within a record of shortest period of time.

By managing every aspect of the order cycle, we offer all our customers a simple, secure and convenient solution to online shopping from some of the world’s best brands and products.

We also deliver products that might not be on our platform. Just give us a call with the description of your product of choice and we will handle the rest.

Our promise

We are determined to be a bold and inspirational with a sense of style at our core and we want to bring great experience that aspire young customers.

we promise to empower lives by bringing businesses, both big and small, to the world and to deliver quality authentic products at a fair price , with our most convenient delivery services.

Want to sell on Flashdeals?

Are you a vendor specializing in single or multiple line of products? Increase your sells today by joining our fast growing platform.

Please follow the link https://www.flashdeals.co.ke/vendor-register/ or send us a mail at vendors@flashdeals.co.ke

We look forward to hearing from you.